A 20 Foot Sinkhole In Round Rock Reveals a Cave Underneath Homes

February 12, 2018
There's something you don't see every day. Neighbors in Round Rock Texas called utility workers on Thursday morning about having low water pressure and some not having any at all. Come to find out a sink hole had opened up in the middle of the street. Municipal Utility District officials say the hole was caused by the roof of the cave collapsing on top of a water line According to a press release by county officials and environmental specialists, the cave is 22 feet high and extends about 170 feet east. General Manager for Brushy Creek MUD Mike Petter tells KVUE that this one of the biggest caves they have seen. Usually, they're fairly narrow, you almost have to crawl on your belly to get through them. But this one's large. It looks like you could have walked around in it before it collapsed." Water has since been returned to the homes, and structural engineers will determine later this week what options they have for repairs. Check out some of the pic of the cave below. Source Via: WFAA