Facebook's Newest Feature Will Soon Allow You to Look at Everyone's To-Do Lists

February 13, 2018
Facebook is at it again with a new feature. This time it's lists. According to the social network the feature will allow users to create lists complete with emojis and an option for a bulleted or numbered format. These lists will show up just the way status updates show up. Users can create lists that will range from simple to-do tasks to travel destinations to goals. A similar feature is already implemented where users can rank top movies or share top songs in the format of a status update. Facebook believes this feature will be popular especially at the beginning and end of the year where people like to share memories and year-end lists of different kinds. Some users are wondering if this feature will fall into a category of oversharing where excessive photos of family vacations already fall into. But the feature will definitely give room for more creativity from giving movie recommendations to podcast suggestions for a road trip. The list feature is just another step the social network is taking as it pushes to filter out ads and headlines by pages and bring more personal content from friends. https://twitter.com/verge/status/963445437037506560