Just How Big Is Texas? Compared To Other Countries?

February 13, 2018
What's the saying? Everything is bigger in Texas? Actually, it should just be Texas, as in Texas is just plain big. While it may be bigger than several countries, it's not quite as big as what certain maps would allow you to believe. Let's go over some quick Texas facts...
  • Texas is 268,596 square miles surface area.
  • The population of Texas is roughly 27,469,114 (number taken from May 2017).
In case you didn't know, maps are somewhat distorted.  Looking at a map, it's hard to compare the true size of Texas compared to other countries. So the good people at SpareFoot.com used a computer software so that we can more accurately see how our great state compares to everyone else. Believe it or not, Texas is bigger than the U.K., Spain, and Japan. However, it's a lot smaller than Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Greenland. Check out the map comparisons below. Fascinating!