U.S. Snowboarder Red Gerard Wins Gold After Sleeping Through His Alarm & Losing His Jacket

February 13, 2018
On Sunday, the odds were against snowboarder Red Gerard. However, he managed to pull through and take home a Gold medal in slopestyle snowboarding. It all started the night before when Gerard fell asleep while watching the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. To make matters worse, he slept through his alarm clock! Thankfully, a friend was able to wake him up so he didn't miss his big Olympic moment. Unfortunately the drama doesn't stop there. In all the commotion, his jacket went missing. He had to borrow someone else's coat! All this just moments before he managed to snag a Gold medal with a score 87.16 out of 100 for his slopestyle snowboarding. And to top it all off, he managed to say "[email protected]#&" on LIVE TV! https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/7x6sb2/not_all_heroes_wear_capes/ https://twitter.com/GoBobbo/status/962523309018624000 This guy deserves a slow clap.