Mavs' Founding Owner Don Carter Passes Away At 84

February 15, 2018
Don Carter convinced the National Basketball Association to bring a professional team to Dallas. After a long battle, a $12 million entry fee, a $27 million payment for Reunion Arena, on May 1st, 1980, the Mavericks were born.  Carter was the primary owner of the franchise until 1996, when he sold the controlling stake to Ross Perot, Jr.  Until the day he died, however, Carter maintained a small portion of the franchise. Unfortunately, Mr. Carter died last night at the age of 84 at his home in Uptown.  Cuban told the Star Telegram in 2015, "He is Mr. Mavericks.  There are no Mavericks without Mr. C and Mrs. [Linda] C.  There's nobody more important to this organization, and I would put him ahead of Dirk [Nowitzki].  Without him, we are not here." Carter, in fact, wasn't even a basketball fan before purchasing the team.  He attributed everything to his wife, Linda.  He told the New York Times in 2011, "My wife, Linda Jo, is the basketball guru, and I was stupid enough to promise her a basketball team and had to keep that promise." Rest in Peace. Via WFAA