Rapper YFN Lucci's Birthday Party Featured A Woman Shooting Fireballs Out Of Her Privates

February 15, 2018
So many questions. Where do you even find an expert in the fireball crotch launch industry? How do you get started in that business? Who opts to continue that profession after the first burn to the nether regions? That aside, Rapper YFN Lucci had an unforgettable birthday party. The theme...Circus Meets Hood. The party featured strippers, stilt walkers, aerialists, and a woman who can shoot fireballs out of her lady bits. You can see a NSFW pic of the fire shooter HERE. https://twitter.com/KarenCivil/status/962529290918289408 The $120,000 party also featured a ferris wheel. You know for the kids. Now if that's your 27th birthday party, how do you top it the following year for 28?