Texas Woman's Heartbreaking Photo Shows Man Eating Across from His Wife's Ashes

February 16, 2018
A heartbreaking post on Valentine's Day showing a man eating across from his wife's ashes has gone viral. Chasidy Gwaltney posted the photo that was taken at a restaurant in Corpus Christi. You can see the man burying his face in a napkin. At first glance, it seems like the table is set perfectly for a date: two plates, two wine glasses, Valentine's cards, and a nice silver bottle across from him. But the silver bottle contain's his late wife's ashes. Gwaltney shares the post saying, "I saw something today that has made me remember that we won't always have each other to hold, talk to, love, play with or even just aggravate every now and then. " The post has been shared over 430,000 times.