Firefighters Help Rescue Choking Boy Over 800 Miles Away

February 27, 2018
The fire department in Wayland, Massachusetts received a message on Facebook from a panicked mother reaching out for any kind of hep with her choking 16-year-old son. Michele Rock was enjoying dinner with her son Andrew when he began choking.  She attempted the Heimlich Maneuver, but Andrew still could not breathe.  Her cell phone was stolen, and she didn't want to leave his side to call for help elsewhere, so she grabbed her iPad and sent a message to her local fire department in Wayland.  The thing is, the Rocks live in Wayland, Michigan, and she sent the message to Wayland, Massachusetts! Massachusetts firefighter William Tyree happened to be on Facebook at the time the message was received, and immediately notified the Michigan fire department of the incident, and tried to walk Michele through some Heimlich instructions along with instructions for before the ambulance arrives. The Wayland, Michigan fire department eventually arrived at the home, and was able to relieve Andrew of the piece of barbecue chicken lodged in his throat. As for Michele, she plans to get a replacement phone today! Via Fox 17