Dak Prescott Mural

Image via NBCDFW.com

Dak Prescott Mural Defaced After National Anthem Comments

August 6, 2018

A mural of Dallas Cowboys player Dak Prescott drew a lot of attention over the weekend, before and after it was defaced. 

The mural was inspired by Prescott's recent stance on taking a knee during the national anthem. He's questioned whether that is truly the time and place for such a protest. 

The image of Prescott was created in a graffiti area called Fabrication Yard in west Dallas.

Artist Trey Wilder portrayed him in the iconic image from the movie 'Get Out,' complete with the tear-filled eyes.

Crowds were drawn to the mural to take pictures and reflect. But sometime on Sunday, the mural was ruined and by painting over Prescott's eyes. 

While some people were disappointed to see the mural damaged, they say they're glad it's continued the conversation on such a hot topic.