Popeyes Upsets Customers With 'Bring Your Own Bun' Campaign

This is unlike any BYOB you've ever seen before.

September 13, 2019

(ALT 103.7) - No fast food chain has been more popular recently than Popeyes. After the craze of their new fried chicken sandwich, people have been patiently awaiting the item's return to the menu.

However, it seems people may finally be turning on Popeyes after the fast food chain suggested customers bring their own bun to make their own sandwiches.

After the viral Popeyes chicken sandwich sold out a month early, customers have been waiting on word telling when the famous sandwich would return. While no decision has been made, Popeyes decided to have a little fun by starting a BYOB - or "Bring Your Own Bun" - campaign.

Sure, the fast food chain may have been joking with their tweet, but fans were not amused and quickly, social media turned on Popeyes.

It seems those on social media had the same reaction as those in the Popeyes ad they released on Twitter. Many pointed out that this officially gave the win to Chick-fil-A in the viral chicken sandwich war.

Popeyes still hasn’t announced when the chicken sandwich will return to the menu, but hopefully, this lapse speeds up the process. Until then, Chick-fil-A is still on top, it seems.

Via Fox News