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The Healthiest Hot Dogs To Cook This Memorial Day Weekend

How concerned are Americans with hot dogs? The Huffington Post reports a new survey reveals 43% of Americans are too afraid to learn what's in a hot dog! The survey was done by Hormel's Applegate Division, which learned women are more fearful of hot dog ingredients than men. Here are some... Read More
The Creation Of Adam

Dog & Human Recreate Michelangelo's "The Creation Of Adam"

No offense to Michelangelo, but we could get on board with replacing all the figures in his paintings with dogs! Ladies and gents, allow us to present to you...The Creation of Dog. -- #Imgur A post shared by imgur (@imgur) on Who's a good little pupper?!?!?!?!?! Not to get too critical, but... Read More
Woman Dancing

Woman Bored In Traffic, Gets Out Of Her Car For A Dance Session

Here's a video that pretty much sums up our feelings about Fridays. Ever hear the expression "dance like no one is watching"? Hold on to your hats. Being stuck in traffic is no trouble at all for this woman, who clearly has the music in her. In fact, when you're grooving to your jams, why not get... Read More
Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson Will Appear On The Young And The Restless

What do you do in your free time after winning a Super Bowl all those years ago? Make a guest appearances on soap operas. Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Drew Pearson, will appear on The Young and the Restless next month. This past week the former Cowboy filmed his scenes with actor Eric Braeden... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Let's Talk Food with Bastille's Dan Smith

Bastille recently shared a brand-new track, “Quarter Past Midnight,” and not only did we have the chance to sit down with frontman Dan Smith to hear all about the song but we also talked Twin Peaks (and fangirling over director David Lynch ) and food. Lots of food. RELATED: Three Things You Didn't... Read More
Cat, Face, Feline, Whiskers

Terrified Cat Clings Onto Van Going 60 MPH On The Highway (Video)

Ronda Rankin was riding with her family in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday night when her daughter noticed something strange about a vehicle next to them on the highway. From the backseat, her daughter said, "That's a cat." Ronda noticed a cat clinging with all its might to the roof of the van... Read More