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AT&T Announces Plans For 100 Million Dollar Project Downtown

This week, AT&T announced they will begin to remodel it's 4 block downtown Dallas headquarter campus. The communications giant plans to spend roughly $100 million on this project in order to help attract and retain employees. People who live and work downtown are also expected to benefit from... Read More
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McDonald Customer Claims Employee Tried To Poison Him

Lee Graves claims a McDonalds employee attempted to poison him with a bleach pod. Graves says he was initially given the wrong sized cup after ordering a large drink at a Westside McDonald's on Thursday morning. An honest mistake right? Graves told WPTV that, "The girl hands me a small Coke and as... Read More
Rise Against

LISTEN: Rise Against Share Alternate Version of "House On Fire"

Rise Against have announced a new project dubbed The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1 . The album will include reimagined songs from the band’s catalog, featuring “stripped-down instrumentation with unique orchestration,” according to a press release. Ahead of the album’s July 27 release, Rise Against... Read More
Graduation Cake

A Grocery Store Censored 'Summa Cum Laude' On A Graduation Cake

Well that graduation party just got a lot more awkward. Jacob Koscinski graduated on Saturday, with the highest honors. Of course there was a party after the graduation with family and friends, everything was perfect except, for the cake. Jacobs mom, Cara Koscinski, put in a custom online order at... Read More
Jet Li

Recent Photo Of Jet Li Show's His Health Deteriorating

The last time Jet Li appeared on the big screen here in the U.S. was 2014's The Expendables 3. A fan recently took a picture with Jet Li in Tibet, and posted the photo on social media. The photo has since shocked the internet with Li's declining health, the 55-year-old actor looks much older than... Read More