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Car Ends Up In The Pool After Driving Lesson Goes Very, Very Wrong

A driving lesson in Maryland went very, very wrong, as if the car in the pool didn't tell you that already. Now both drivers were able to walk away from the scene, and the pool wasn't in season so it was completely empty. Nobody got hurt as a result of this incident except maybe a couple of egos... Read More
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Thief Steals Thousands In Electronics From TCU Football Locker Room

Police in Fort Worth are on the lookout for a thief who stole from their most beloved asset...the TCU football team. Ahead of their Week 1 matchup against the Ohio State University, a thief walked into TCU football headquarters as the team practiced and waited near the locker room doors for nearly... Read More

By Next Year Almost Half Of All Phone Calls Will Be Scam Calls

So it's probably safe to say almost all of us don't answer the phone when it's from a number we don't know. And those pesky unknown numbers aren't likely to slow down anytime soon according to a new report. According to a company known as First Orion, around half of all mobile phone calls are... Read More

'Fortnite' Is Causing Divorces

We've seen it all before. Every so often, a new gaming obsession emerges and seems to cause all kinds of mayhem. World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Pokemon Go and now: Fortnite. Unless you have been living in a cave for around the past year and a half, you are more than likely familiar with the... Read More