'90s kid

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List Of Items Only Real ‘90s Kids Will Remember

June 8, 2019

The current year is 2019, that means all those amazing movies you went to go see at the theater back 1999 are all celebrating their 20th anniversary now. Time really does fly by. 

To help bring back some of the good times here are 10 things only real ‘90s will remember. 

  1. Your favorite snack that your mom would pack in your lunch
  2. Before there were fidget spinners, there was…
  3. Don’t you wish you saved all your old Beanie Baby’s?
  4. Inflatable furniture looked way cooler in the catalog
  5. Remember when all VHS tapes were black except for the Nickelodeon cartoons?
  6. The best days in gym class included these two items
  7. Back in the day before DVR, you had to set aside time to get ready for the Friday night movie on the Disney Channel
  8. One of the loudest commercials ever was…
  9. Some of the best sugar-filled treats 
  10. Why did these ever go away? 

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