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This 12-Foot Mattress Is Big Enough To Fit Your Entire Family

March 22, 2018

When you've got a family, you're used to your bed being a little crowded.

Your spouse takes up "half" of the bed, plus with kids, pets, and remote controls that leaves hardly any room for you.  That's why Southern California's "The Ace Company" developed this new concept five years ago.  At the time, a client was seeking a large enough mattress to accommodate all her children for nightly bedtime reading.  So they started researching...and developing...and the end result?  A 12-foot mattress dubbed "family size."

The mattress will run you about $2,500, but if you get the kids to chip in it should be an easy enough split!  According to the company, "The Ace Collection is all about bringing family and loved ones together in a shared comfortable space."

Via FOX 4