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Study Finds 2017 Was The World's Most Miserable Year

September 13, 2018

If you think you had a rough go if it last year, don't worry, you aren't alone.

A new Gallup survey has found that 2017, by far, was the worst recorded year worldwide since data started being collected ten years ago.  The survey looked at the emotional lives of more than 154,000 people around the world, and found that people are unhappier than they've been in recent years.  

The survey looked at what they call the "Negative Experience Index," which is an average of a person's self-reported levels of daily stress, pain, sadness, and anger.  Research found that the Negative Experience Index is at its highest levels since the poll started.  The survey also showed that 46% of adults learned or did something interesting before they were interviewed.

Worldwide, the United States is the second most stressed population, with 49% of Americans scoring high on the Negative Experience Index.  We're second only behind Greece, where 66% of its population is feeling stressed out.  

The happiest countries however?  You'll need to look towards Latina America.  The countries that scored highest on the POSITIVE Experience Index has Paraguay holding the top spot, followed by a three way tie that includes Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala, and Canada rounding out the top five.