37 Days Of Christmas: Mary Wishes To Meet Muse And Thank Them For Giving Her Life Back

November 29, 2018

ALT 103.7 is granting Christmas wishes. Need or Greed. Selfishly for you or selflessly for somebody you know.

Mary Gonsiorek is a survivor who discovered Muse during her recovery. She said their music really helped her make it through everything. Her 37 Days of Christmas wish was to thank the band for giving her life back. ALT 103.7 granted to her wish.

Mary is going to see Muse at AAC when they're in town before they head to Las Vegas the following week. When Q Prime heard Mary's story, they offered to fly her and a guest to Vegas where they will meet Muse backstage at the show. Grab a tissue, and listen to Mary's wish in the link below:

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