37 Days Of Christmas: Officer Morisak Wishes For A Drone From Fortress UAV

November 29, 2018

ALT 103.7 is granting Christmas wishes. Need or Greed. Selfishly for you or selflessly for somebody you know.

Officer Morisak serves our community as a local police officer. The department has asked each policeman to buy their own drone so they can practice operating them before launching a new program. They cost about $1500. Officer Morisak's 37 Days of Christmas wish was for a drone. When Dion Raymond from Fortress UAV heard about Officer Morisak's wish, he was thrilled to help out.

Fortress UAV in Plano is an authorized dealer and servicer of DJI Quadcopters. They granted Officer Morisak's wish with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter. They also included lessons so Officer Morisak will have professional training. Learn all about them at FortressUAV.com and listen to Officer Morisak's wish in the link below:

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