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[VIDEO] Mom Catches Her Son Using Alexa To Cheat On His Homework

December 27, 2018

This kid is way ahead of us. 

A mom in New Jersey posted a video on Twitter last week. What she recorded is probably something you would have never thought to see. She caught her son cheating on his home with the help of Alexa. 

Verelyn Cueva was in her living room when she heard her 6-year-old son talking to Alexa in the kitchen. She peeked in and heard him asking Alexa math problems for his homework. She pulled out her phone and recorded him.

The video shows her son writing down answers and saying, “Alexa, what’s 5 minus 3?” The clip has been viewed more than 8 million times. Check it out below. 

Cueva says that math is actually her son’s favorite subject and the homework wasn’t even that hard, “It was just any regular day of doing homework. The funny thing is that math is actually his favorite subject. I was surprised because he knows this stuff. He was just being lazy. Taking a shortcut.”

She told the New York Post the funniest part happened when she stopped recording, “What you don’t see is after he says, ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework.’”

Kids these days have it easy now, they can ask Google, Siri, and Alexa all types of questions. Before you had to look everything up in a book or plug the equation into a calculator.