Adam Sandler, Ski Jacket, Red Carpet

(Photo by JC Olivera)

A Heavily Mustachioed Adam Sandler Photobombs Wedding Photos Wearing An Old T-Shirt!

July 2, 2018

Kevin and Alex Goldstein were busy taking their wedding photos when they happened to notice someone off in the distance.

It was their favorite actor, so they called his name, and up walked an incredibly mustachioed Adam Sandler.  Kevin Goldstein told the BBC, "We were taking photos.  He came over and wished us well.  He was just chatting to us.  We told him we're huge fans.  We love his work.  We've watched all his films."  According to Goldstein, Sandler replied, "Good, I'll take some photos then - mazel tov!"

About last Sunday... My bride & groom bumped into @adamsandler, and that was amazing ! Everything can happen in #montreal ! #mtl #mtlmoments #mtlblog #montrealwedding #mountstephen #adamsandler #wedding #montrealcity #narcitymontreal #coupleportraits #weddingday #montrealmoments #montrealartist #montrealphotography #montrealphotographer #514 #livemontreal #weddingsurprise @mtlblog @narcityquebec @narcitycanada Photographe : Sana Belgot Seconde Photographe / Assistante : Maggie Blakney

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The Goldsteins invited Sandler to the wedding, but unfortunately he couldn't make it.  At least he was able to give him what will end up being their favorite gift, though!  Sorry, the new utensil set just won't come close to the Sandman!

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