Woman, Marker, Dry-Erase Board, Whiteboard

Airport Forced To Write Flight Info On Dry-Erase Board After Digital Screens Go Out

August 21, 2018

Travelers trying to venture out of Gatwick Airport in West Sussex, England after an IT failure caused a little damage to their digital display screens....they knocked them out completely.

So all the screens that displayed departure times, gate information, whether or not the plane was one time or late, ALL of that was rendered completely useless.  Not that big of deal in an airport, right?

Gatwick Airport did everything they could to make sure their passengers made their flights on time, resorting to busting out old-school dry-erase boards and handwriting as much flight information as they could.  Never mind the fact that the airport was probably busier than usual, as August is a huge travel month for families going on summer vacation in England.  And they all had to crowd around whiteboards!  What a nightmare!

Despite the airport's best efforts, people still missed their flights, and were understandably upset.  The whiteboards were placed just outside of security checkpoints, and over the hours the crowds huddled around the boards grew larger and larger.  Traveler Ayla Herbert told the Press Association, "Each flight was written down, flight number, time of departure, time of when boarding would be announced and eventually the gate number.  This crowd over the hours grew larger and larger.  Being in the entrance way of the departures it got incredibly busy, people were agitated, yelling for them to tell them their flight info and to get more boards for the south terminal.  This was never done.  The guys did well keeping everyone updated, but it was hard to see if you weren't close to the board.  They used megaphones to tell everyone of updated information."

Via The Guardian