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Algeria Shuts Off Their Internet Because Students Keep Cheating On Exams

June 22, 2018

Algeria has had it with cheating in school. So much so that they've begun instituting nationwide internet blackouts...

There will be 11 blackouts scheduled during the exam period, which runs through June 25. During these periods, the country will disable all their mobile and land line internet services. Facebook will also be blocked for the entire period.

Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit says the administration is "not comfortable" with the decision, but that they, "should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak”.

But they're not stopping with internet blackouts. The country has also equipped schools hosting the exam with metal detectors in order to ensure that neither students nor faculty bring any electronic devices. The country has also installed cameras and phone jammers at the facilities which print the exam.

This might sound a bit extreme, but there have been some pretty serious incidents in the past few years. Namely, back in 2016, someone leaked High School diploma exam questions online. 2017 wasn't much better, as less extreme measures saw little success.

Via Gizmodo