411 Pound Wild Hog Spotted And Captured At Texas Golf Course

Trapper Wyatt Walton Called The Animal Both “Extremely Large” And “Trap Smart”

September 18, 2019


When a wild animal is spotted on a golf course, players usually just ignore it and continue playing. However, when that animal is 400 pounds, it’s difficult to ignore. A 411 pound wild hog was spotted on a Texas golf course last week. Luckily it was trapped and removed before anyone was hurt by the giant hog.

The 411 pound wild hog was captured by trapper Wyatt Walton, who along with his team at Lone Star Trapping, was able to trap and remove the hog form the San Antonio golf course, while keeping it alive. Walton posted photos of the giant animal to his Facebook page.’

While Walton was able to trap the beast, he claims it was a difficult task calling the wild hog both “extremely large” and “trap smart.” The crew even needed the help of several hunting dogs to capture the 411 pound hog. These types of hogs can grow up to a shoulder height of 36 inches, while weighing from 100 to 400 pounds. Luckily, the crew was able to capture this wild hog before it did some serious damage.

Via Fox News