Animal Sanctuary In Texas Allows Guests To Camp With Wolves For $30

The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary Is Located Just Outside Of Houston, Texas

January 17, 2020

Prachanda Rawal

Camping outside in the wilderness isn’t for everyone. Camping outside in the wilderness with wolves sounds like it’s not for anyone. Still, for only $30 those brave enough to sleep with wolves can now do so at a wolf sanctuary in Texas. The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary nest Houston allows guests to enjoy all the normal camping activities while also getting to run around with wolves.

This non-profit wolf sanctuary is home to beautiful wolves that have been rescued from around the country. They're making it their mission to keep these wolves safe, nurture them back to health, and educate the public about these majestic animals. With an appointment, you can actually visit the sanctuary and meet the wolf pups! ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ @saintfranciswolfsanctuary #montgomerytexas #texas #wolfsanctuary #wolves #animals #nature #wild #thedaytripper #wolvesofinstagram @visitconroe #explore

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The camping experience wouldn’t be complete without a few wolves roaming around. For those that are interested, the $30 gets you in for a once in a lifetime experience, but for $75 a full night of camping with the wolves is added. Campers must bring their own tent and camping utensils, but the wolf sanctuary will provide the animal fun.

All the animals at the sanctuary are either rescued from shelters, animal control agencies, or private owners. For anyone that falls in love with a particular wolf, they can even sponsor a wolf after the experience. While camping with wolves may not be for everyone, at least those brave enough to try it have a place in Texas to do so.

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