Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses His Mini Horse And Donkey To Urge People To Stay Home

The Actor Shared A Hilarious Video With His Two Pets Inside His Home

March 16, 2020


As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, many celebrities have begun using their platform to urge fans to stay home and avoid germs during this time. One of the more prominent voices currently warning fans is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former California Governor has been sharing helpful videos featuring his pets, including the most recent one, which shows him inside his home with his mini horse and donkey.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing what he can to urge his fans to stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak, including recruiting his miniature pony, Whiskey, and Lulu the donkey. “We have a good time eating here together, so much more fun than going outside. No more restaurants, OK? Public gatherings, restaurants, all those gymnasiums, out the window. We stay home,” Schwarzenegger says in the video while feeding his pets carrots.

Many online were appreciative of the helpful tips, but also were shocked to see the two farm animals inside the actor’s home. Schwarzenegger also shared a video featuring his attempt to teach his dog proper hand washing techniques. Schwarzenegger is doing his part to keep people safe, and is trying to give fans a laugh while doing so.

Via Huffington Post