Ice Cube Says It's Back To The Drawing Board For ‘Last Friday’

Ice Cube says the script has to be re-worked following the death of John Witherspoon

December 27, 2019
Ice Cube

Photo by Adam Glanzman/BIG3/Getty Images

Looks like the final installment in Ice Cubes ‘Friday’ franchise is still in development and it seems as though we won’t be seeing a sequel anytime soon.

Earlier this year actor and comedian John Witherspoon passed away. Witherspoon played 'Pops' a central character in the ‘Friday’ franchise. 

In a recent tweet, Ice Cube said that the script for the fourth installment was ready to go but will now have to be re-worked following Witherspoon’s death. The filmmaker claims New Line Cinema, the studio that owns the distribution rights took to long to get the project made. 

Ice Cube revealed in an interview earlier this year that he wanted ‘Last Friday’ to be in theaters in time for the originals 25th anniversary on April 26th, 2020. 

Via: NME