Bad Weather May Soon Cause A French Fry Shortage In America

Potato Crops Have Been Damaged By Cold And Wet Weather

December 4, 2019


If you love French fries, 2020 may not be your year. According to reports damaged potato crops due to bad weather may lead to a French fry shortage in North America. The shortage will likely cause a price increase in the beloved side dish.

Cold and wet weather, especially in October, throughout certain regions of North America caused the upcoming potato shortage. While some farmers in Idaho and Alberta were able to store some of the damaged crop, many farmers were forced to abandon their ruined potatoes. Taking a big hit were the longer potatoes, which are most commonly used to make French fries.

“French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand,” said the industry-relations director of the Idaho Potato Commission. While they believed at one point the potato crop could be salvaged, it is now being estimated that the output will drop 6.1%. For any French fry lovers, start stalking up now before it’s too late.

Via Fox News