Two Women Commemorate Friendship With Photo Shoot Full Of Beer And Chicken Wings

The Two BFF’s Celebrated 23 Years Of Friendship By Going Viral With Their Photoshoot

September 20, 2019


When it comes to friendship, it’s always important to have someone willing to be by your side no matter what, even if that means eating a bunch of chicken wings and chugging beer in front of camera. Two South Carolina women recently took a photo shoot to commemorate their 23 years of friendship. However, this photo shoot, that has since gone viral, didn’t include any normal staged photos. Instead the two girls chowed down on chicken wings and chugged beer for the photos.

Samantha Clark and her best friend, Christina Arthur, knew they wanted to do something special when they decided to take a BFF photo shoot. According to Clark, “I thought it would be perfect for us because anytime we get together, we just laugh and act goofy and just straight up always have a good time with each other.” In the photos, the ladies cheered with Michelob Ultra, while eating chicken wings and spraying each other with silly string.

Of course, the two girls made sure this all went down in front of a large “BFF” metallic balloon. Clark and Arthur, who have grown up together since they were seven, now have the perfect photos to celebrate their long friendship. “We played softball together, learned to drive together. We were side-by-side for both of our marriages and had each other’s back when we both divorced,” said Clark. Luckily, these girls have each other forever, and the rest of us now have these hilarious photos.

Via Fox News