Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Recovers From Forgetting Lyrics By Burping Along With Song

Green Day Was Performing Their 1996 Hit ‘Brain Stew’ When The Burping Occurred

December 3, 2019

Press Association

When it comes to performing music live, even the best sometimes make mistakes. It’s not how they mess up, but how they recover from the mistake that makes an artist great, just ask Billie Joe Armstrong. The Green Day frontman was recently forgot the words to ‘Brain Stew,’ but instead of staying silent, decided to start burping along with the song. Check out the video here.

Green Day’s classic ‘Brain Stew’ was released in 1996, and while the band often performs the song, many aren’t blaming Billie Joe Armstrong for forgetting the lyrics. However, that could be because of the incredible save he made when he forgot the lyrics. As the video shows, at one point Armstrong begins burping with the song instead of singing the lyrics.

The Video was originally posted on Reddit with the caption, “How to deal with it like a pro.” Many fans agree, it doesn’t get more professional than that. Maybe this will lead to a special burping edition of Green Day’s greatest hits.

Via Alternative Nation