Britney Spears Is Having Her First Ever Art Show Featuring Her Own Paintings

Sadly, Britney Fans Will Have To Travel, As The Art Exhibit Is In France

January 14, 2020

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

Britney Spears has accomplished many things throughout her career as a performer. She reached fame as a pop star, has appeared in movies and television, and helped change the industry with her Las Vegas residency shows. Now, the pop icon can add another venture to her growing list of accomplishments; professional painter.

Any fan of Britney Spears knows she has a passion for art, and often paints in her free time. Back in 2017, she even sold one of her paintings for $10,000, to donate to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting that year. Now, her art will get its own showcase, as it will be on display in France’s The Galerie Sympa, starting January 18th.

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be opening @britneyspears first solo show in a contemporary art gallery on Saturday, the 18th of January 2020, from 6 to 9 pm #britneyspears #britneybitch ------------‍------‍♀️--------------------#artsyfartsy #sometimesyoujustgottaplay

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Spears’ art exhibit, which will be titled ‘Sometimes you just gotta play,’ will feature a number of her artworks. It is being called her “first solo art show,” and will last for three days at the art gallery. While Brittney Spears can now add professional painter to her resume, hopefully this doesn’t take away from any new music coming soon.

Via Buzzfeed