Brothers Recreate ‘Toy Story 3’ Using Real Toys

Mason And Morgan McGraw Spent Eight Years Creating The Stop Motion Animation Film

February 4, 2020

Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

Pixar movies are known to be emotional, so it’s no surprise many pick movies such as those in the ‘Toy Story’ franchise as their favorite films of all time. However, no one can claim fandom for the franchise quite like Mason and Morgan McGrew. The two brothers are gaining notoriety after recently going viral for their shot for shot remake of ‘Toy Story 3’ using real toys.

‘Toy Story 3’ came out in 2010 when Mason and Morgan McGrew were 12 and 15 years old. The film immediately became a favorite as in 2011 the brothers began their project of recreating the beloved film. Now nine years later, they have completed the project, and fans are obsessing over it.

“The biggest thing that makes ‘Toy Story 3’ stand out is how authentic it feels. It’s very deep — I know all the Pixar films are very emotional — but there are even moments in 'Toy Story 3' where it’s like, ‘Wow, they’re really going there,’” said Morgan McGraw. The brother's version of the film, titled ‘Toy Story 3 IRL [In Real Life],’ was posted to YouTube on January 25th, and had already been viewed over 1.5 million times. The film, using real toys, iPhone cameras and stop-motion animation brilliantly captures all the magic from the original film.

Via Yahoo!