Kansas Police Investigate Camel, Donkey, And A Cow Walking Down The Road Together

The police joked that they found half the nativity scene

November 19, 2019

Photo By Getty Images

A cow, a camel, and a donkey are walking down the street. No, this isn’t the punch line to a joke, its what Police in Kansas were told over the phone. 

Police in Goddard, Kansas were a bit surprised when they saw the odd trio walking down the street together. Police acted swiftly and posted on Facebook asking the community if anyone knew who the owner was. 

The department joked that they had discovered half the nativity scene. Soon people started commenting if the three wise men were around. 

The animals have since been returned to their owner. According to Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Meyers, the animals belong to an employee of the Tanganyika Wildlife Park. 

Via: New York Post