Chef Breaks Record For Cheesiest Pizza Using 257 Different Cheeses

The French Restauranteur Shattered The Precious Record Of 154 Different Cheeses

March 3, 2020


Seeing a slice of pizza lifted up with the cheese stretched out is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. For cheese lovers, pizza is the ultimate meal, and now there is a new world’s cheesiest pizza for them to dream about. A French restauranteur has shattered the record for most cheese on a pizza, using 257 different cheeses.

Benedict Bruel, the manager of Déliss' Pizza in Lyon, France, made the record breaking pizza last month. He shattered the previous record, set in Australia back in 2018 by Johnny Di Francesco, who used 154 different cheeses. “I told myself that we, the French, with our country of cheese, we could easily put 100 more... We couldn't even see the tomato sauce anymore,” said Bruel.

Bruel set out to break the record, doing all the research beforehand to make sure his pie was indeed the cheesiest. It took him two hours to make the pizza, and he claims it turned out better than he expected. With plenty of extra cheese left, Bruel says he plans to continue making the record breaking pizza.

Via LADBible