New Study Shows Which Fast Food Chain Has The Slowest Drive-Thru

October 4, 2019
Drive-Thru Sign

Photo BY Getty Images

Do you feel like you can zoom right through the drive-thru window at certain fast-food chains while others leave you waiting for what feels like forever? 

A new study was done by restaurant magazine QSR to find how long costumers were waiting in the drive-thru lines at fast-food restaurants. They found that people were waiting 20 seconds longer in line this year, than the previous. 

Their study included more than 1,500 visits to 10 major fast-food chains. Can you guess who has the fastest wait time in the drive-thru? Their results might shock you. QSR found that Dunkin’ had the fastest drive-thru lines. 

From the time you place your order at the speaker and pick it up at the window, it will take on average 216.75 seconds at Dunkin’; that’s roughly three and a half minutes. The slowest drive-thru time goes to Chick-Fil-A. You will wait close to 322 seconds or about five minutes in their drive-thru line. 

Check out all the drive-thru wait times from some of the biggest fast-food chains down below. 

  1. Dunkin’: 216.75 seconds
  2. Wendy’s: 230.38
  3. Burger King: 235.48
  4. Taco Bell: 240.38
  5. Carl’s Jr.: 240.51
  6. KFC: 243.73
  7. Arby’s: 263.46
  8. Hardee’s: 266.34
  9. McDonald’s: 283.05
  10. Chick-fil-A: 322.98

Via: USA Today