People Are Opting For Chicken Nugget Bouquets Instead Of Flowers This Valentine's Day

January 22, 2020
Chicken Nuggets

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Anyone can buy flowers from a florist, but it takes real effort to make a one of a kind chicken nugget bouquet. 

This Valentine's Day give your loved one something they didn’t know they wanted, like a chicken nugget bouquet. This new edible bouquet is something different and is rising in popularity among consumers. It started as a joke gift for a bride who loved nuggets, but has quickly turned into an awesome trend. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone is selling chicken nugget bouquets at this time; luckily they’re an easy DIY project to accomplish. Plus they also make a great appetizer while you're waiting for your table on Valentine's Day.  

Check out some of Instagram’s best chicken nugget bouquets in the photos below. 

My girlfriend knows me so well ❤️ Happy Valentines Day everyone! #valentines #chickennuggetbouquet #bouquet

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So maybe I really like chicken nuggets and maybe @sroamie is the most extra person on the planet ---- #happyvalentines #chickennuggetbouquet #whoneedsflowers?

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I think I make a pretty good girlfriend. --❤ late Valentine's Day post. #valentines2017 #chickennuggets #chickennuggetboquet #maccas

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