A Black Cat Stole The Show On Monday Night Football, Running On The Field During Cowboys Game

Play Was Stopped Momentarily As Officials Tried To Catch The Black Cat

November 5, 2019

Gareth Copley / Staff

The Dallas Cowboys got a big win against the New York Giants Monday night, but the big story of the night was a black cat that somehow got on the field. The game was stopped for a few minutes during the second quarter as a black cat ran around the field. The cat was bad luck for the Giants, as after play resumed the Cowboys came back to win the game.

As the New York Giants we’re driving down the field in the second quarter, play was stopped after a black cat appeared on the field. Field officials tried to coral the cat, but the quick feline managed to get away, until finally being cornered back down the tunnel. Once play resumed, the Cowboys were able to hold their rivals to a field goal, and went on to come back and win the game.

Many on social media were quick to point out the black cat was clearly going to be bad luck for one of the two teams. Luckily for the Cowboys, it turned out to be their rivals on Monday night. It is unknown how the cat got on the field, but just days after Halloween, clearly the mysterious black cat was still in the holiday spirit.

Via USA Today