Video Of A Cute Dog In A Chucky Costume Goes Viral

September 19, 2019
Dog In A Halloween Hat

Photo By Getty Images

Of course the reboot of ‘Childs Play’ was terrible, but this dog may have helped boost Chucky’s popularity again. 

A video of a dog running around an apartment dressed as the iconic serial killer Chucky has gone viral. Romeo the French bulldog has racked up over 2 million views on Twitter

His owner Vanessa Cheng was just getting ready for the Halloween season when she decided to dress Romeo up. She says the costume was the perfect match for Romeo's eyes.

“I’m not a huge horror movie fan — but I just thought Romeo’s eyes matched the outfit.”

The dog costume comes with a ginger wig, striped T-shirt that says 'Good Dogs' instead 'Good Guys', and a foam butcher’s knife. Check out the cute video below.

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Via: New York Post