Dog Makes Such A Huge Mess Owners Believed The House Was Burglarized

December 8, 2019
Black Cocker Spaniel

Photo By Getty Images

Some of us wonder every day what our pets are doing while we’re away. This family in England found out the hard way. 

After leaving their residents for 2 hours, the Raynor family of Cheshire, England returned home only to find it completely ransacked. At first, they thought someone had broken in.

Then they noticed that there were nibble marks on everything. The family dog, Dory an 11-month-old cocker spaniel puppy had trashed the place. 
Dory’s owner Dylan Raynor said his mom thought their home had been burglarized.  

“As we arrived back, my mother looked through the window and we honestly believed we had been burglarized. My mother was in disbelief and eventually, we all laughed and realized if Dory had hands and fingers, we’d all be dead.”

Dory had gotten into everything, the kitchen cupboards and garbage can. She littered their home with trash, biscuits, chocolates and cooking utensils. She even managed to eat lasagna sheets and her dog collar. 

Dylan says he had to monitor Dory for 24 hours after she consumed food that was dangerous for her. He says Dory was completely fine and was eating and sleeping like normal. Apparently this isn't the first time Dory has gotten into trouble, Dylan says shes notorious for pulling out laundry.

Via: New York Post