Homeowner Catches Man Pooping All Over Porch Thanks To Doorbell Camera

The world outside our front door is a crazy one

December 20, 2019
Doorbell Camera

Photo By Getty Images

Who knew how much crazy stuff happens on our front porch. 

Thanks to doorbell cameras we can see everything that goes on at our homes when we’re not around. Scott McCoy of Denver was away on vacation for the weekend when he got a notification about activity on his front porch from his doorbell camera.

McCoy saw a man staggering around the front of his house at 2 AM. The man in question then proceeded to squat down and do his business on the porch. He posted the doorbell video on Facebook to see if anyone knew who the man was. He also alerted police about the incident and was told not to touch the ‘evidence’.

McCoy told KDVR News that the man in the video fell over while doing the deed and managed to get feces everywhere. 

“Unfortunately, he then touched lots of furniture, other parts of the wall, and a window. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry”. 

He has since left an apology note for the mailman and anyone who walks up to his porch. McCoy says he doesn’t plan on pressing charges if the perpetrator is caught, all he asks for is an apology and help cleaning up the mess. You can check out the bizarre video down below. 

Via: New York Post