Dr. Phil's House Has Weird Chairs, Guns & Bear Statues

And it's on-sale for $5.75 million.

January 3, 2020
Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia


Well, Dr. Phil was born in Oklahoma and earned his PhD at UNT...

Dr. Phil McGraw has just put his Beverly Crest, California home up for sale.  For $5.75 million, you can get a 6,170-square-foot interior that's adorned with unusual bears and rabbits, weird chairs, a freaky-looking staircase, and a dining room wall that's covered in guns.

If you want to be exact, a family representative has said that Dr. Phil has never lived there: his son, Jordan, has been using it.

Hey...if all else fails, you could always remodel.

Source: Los Angeles Times