Emotional Support Mini Horse Spotted On Recent Flight To DFW

The Mini Horse Trained For Months For Its Ride On An Airplane

February 19, 2020


By now, people are used to seeing the occasional dog on an airplane as a service animal, but seeing a mini horse on a plane may be taking things too far. A Michigan woman has gone viral after sharing photos of her and her mini horse on a recent flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. As the photos show, the mini horse is calmly standing by its owner, wearing a cover with service animal signs on it.

Ronica Froese, who owns the animal-assisted therapy nonprofit Little Horses Big Smiles Inc., recently flew from Michigan, to DFW airport, before venturing off to California, and did so with a mini horse by her side. “All of the airplane employees and airport employees were incredibly kind. It was so wonderful, even every pilot wanted a picture [with Fred>!” said Froese. Fred, the mini horse, spent months training for his airplane ride, and Froese even purchased two first class tickets to accommodate the horse with plenty of room.

While this trip was a success, it may be the last for Fred the mini horse. The DOT is calling for a ban on emotional support animals, limiting the list to just dogs. While nothing has been done yet, many are hoping things change and obscure animals can occasionally make it on to a plane for emotional support.

Via Fox News