Fan Takes A Homerun To The Stomach While Holding Two Beers During World Series Game

That's got to hurt

October 28, 2019
Flying baseball

Photo By Getty Images

Now that’s dedication! 

A Washington Nationals fan walked away from game five of the World Series with a souvenir, a homerun ball from Houston Astros outfielder Jordan Alvarez. 

The ball hit the Nationals fan right in the stomach; the poor guy couldn’t catch the ball due to the fact he was carrying a beer in each hand. The beers at the Nationals stadium reportedly cost $15 each. It makes perfect sense why he wouldn’t want to drop the beer and take one for the team. 

Video shows that he didn’t spill either of his drinks. The fan was left with a bruise and got to take the ball home. He’ll never forget this game that’s for sure. 

Check out the video below. 

Via: The Big Lead