Fans Critical Of ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ As Show Gets Roasted On Twitter

Many Fans Were Not Happy With The Puppet Version Of Flounder

November 6, 2019


‘The Little Mermaid Live’ finally aired on ABC Tuesday night, but once the highly anticipated live adaptation of the Disney classic hit the stage, fans were quick to critique the production. The new live show blended the classic animated films with elaborately staged live musical performances, but one element had viewers turning to social media to question what they just saw.

Once viewers saw the puppet version of Flounder in the first scene, it was all downhill from there. Many on social media were quick to point out the costumes, and production, didn’t match the money Disney put into this live adaptation of the beloved animated film. While many enjoyed the music and story, most of the audience felt the show was unconvincing.

Sadly for Disney, flounder wasn’t the only element of the show viewers questioned. Sebastian the crab, which was played by Shaggy, was criticized for his costume, which didn’t include crab claws. This led to Robert Mills, the SVP of Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming at ABC, tweeting to fans “For those wondering, Shaggy wore crab claws in early rehearsals and it looked ridiculous.” Overall, fans were not impressed with ‘The Little Mermaid Live,’ but of course that won’t stop networks from attempting to bring these classic movies to the stage.

Via The Wrap