The Internet Is Not Happy With This ‘Favorite Movie Candy By State’ Map

The Map Used Social Media, Walmart And Target To Come Up With Interesting Answers

October 2, 2019


Everyone has their favorite movie snack, but does the rest of your state enjoy the same treat? Based on a new map developed using research from social media, Walmart and Target, most likely they don’t. The internet is up in arms once again after a new favorite candy map has gone viral for their interesting findings. Based on this new map, Texas’ favorite movie candy is black licorice.

This map was first posted by Barstool sports movie podcast, ‘Lights, Camera, Pod’ before quickly spreading throughout the internet causing anger among many. Of the more ridiculous findings, this map claims in North Dakota they enjoy baked beans at the movies, while those in Wisconsin bring Kraft cheese slices to the theater.

Of course, not all the results seems outlandish, as states such as Maine, Nevada and Washington chose candy that is more likely to be sold at an actual movie theater. However, for every Skittles and Buncha Crunch, there are states that apparently enjoy raisins and circus peanuts at the movies. While it is unknown how accurate these results are, the internet has decided, this map makes absolutely no sense.

Via Reddit