[Video] This Fish With A Shockingly Human-Like Face Is Terrifying The Internet

A New Viral Video Shows A Fish Swim Up To The Surface, But It’s Facial Features Has Viewers In Shock

November 14, 2019


Some people may have features that resemble a fish, but most have never seen a fish that looks like a human, until now. A video has been circulating online that shows a fish swimming up to the surface, with a face that has noticeably human like features. Many on social media are perplexed by the now viral video, leading to some hilarious reactions.

The video of the human like fish was first spotted on a Chinese mobile app, Douyin, but has since spread across the world. The fish in question is actually a carp fish, and according to Snopes, a website that specializes in debunking urban myths, the video is real and not doctored. While Snopes was unable to locate the original source of the video, they say it’s similar to another fish that “was spotted in a pond outside of a local temple in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.”

Still, many online aren’t quite ready to accept this fish actually exist. One commenter on Reddit said, “That fish has a sexier jawline than most humans.” Real or not, this fish is both terrifying and fascinating, and the internet can’t handle it.

Via Fox News