Thanksgiving Episodes Of ‘Friends’ Will Play In Theaters This November

Spend Thanksgiving with the cast of 'Friends'

October 31, 2019
Cast of Friends

Photo by Warner Bros. Television

Back in September 12 episodes of ‘Friends’ played at more than 1,600 theaters across the country and grossed a surprising $2.9 million. 

The 25th-anniversary event was such a success that they're bringing it back. You can spend Thanksgiving with the cast of ‘Friends’. Well, sort of. 

Some of the funniest Thanksgiving episodes from the hit series ‘Friends’ will be playing at select theaters this November. You can celebrate ‘Friendsgiving’ by watching 8 episodes over the course of two days. 

On November 24th you can see these four episodes 

  • The One Where Underdog Gets Away
  • The One With The List
  • The One With The Football
  • The One With All The Thanksgivings

On November 25th these four episodes will play

  • The One Where Ross Got High
  • The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
  • The One With Rachel's Other Sister
  • The One With The Late Thanksgiving

Better catch up on all those ‘Friends’ episodes while you can before they leave Netflix for good. Tickets for the Friendsgiving celebration go on sale on November 1st.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter