North Texas Girl Wakes Up To Find A Raccoon In Her Bed

February 21, 2020

Photo By Getty Images

Some of us wake to our spouse in the morning, while others wake to our pets licking our face; this little girl woke up to a very strange sight. 

A raccoon managed to climb into a North Texas girl’s bunk bed in the middle of the night. The 10-year-old woke up to find the little critter sleeping right next to her head. 

Luckily for the family, the raccoon wasn’t aggressive at all. The girl’s mom Sibyl told NBC 5 DFW that he was very calm and that he even let her daughter pet him. 

"This was a calm, gentle, gigantic raccoon that just up and decided to spend the night indoors.”

The family says they believe the raccoon snuck in their house by using the doggy door. The raccoon was so sneaky that he didn’t wake anyone up, not even their two dogs. In the end, the family let the raccoon go freely in their front yard. 

Check out the photo Sibyl sent to NBC 5 DFW down below.