Video Of High School Coach Clotheslining Streaker At A Football Game Goes Viral

September 13, 2019
High school football game

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Streaking during a sporting event isn’t the wisest thing to do, but someone’s always going to try. 

Last Friday, a pair of students tried to run across the football field in the middle of the game. One wore all white while the other ran across without a shirt on. 

The two of them would have made it the full 100 yards; that was until one of the football coaches stepped in to put an end to their shenanigans. Video taken from the game shows one of the students getting clotheslined by a coach and being dragged off the field.

Don’t try this at home kids, it typically never works and there are always consequences. Check out the video below. 

This high school strength coach has waited his entire life for this hit @redlineradio (Via @davidamborghini)

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