High Speed Rail Project Connecting Dallas And Houston Reaches “Major Milestone”

The Federal Railroad Administration Has Granted The Petition Submitted By Texas Central Partners

September 12, 2019


For years, a high speed rail connecting Dallas and Houston has been discussed, but many feared it would never happen. Now, a major milestone has been reached moving this bullet train one step closer to becoming reality. The Federal Railroad Administration has granted a petition submitted by Texas Central Partners, the Dallas-based company building the project.

The petition was first submitted by Texas Central three years ago, but has finally been granted by the Federal Railroad Administration. “It truly is a major milestone in the history of the project. What it does is it puts us on the path to construction next year," said Holly Reed, managing director of external affairs for Texas Central. Now the next step is waiting for the FRA to issue a RPA, which sets regulations for the project.

The two major roadblocks for the high speed rail are waiting for the FRA to issue to RPA, along with conducting an Environmental Impact Study. Once those two things are completed, Texas Central will begin financing and construction for the project. While nothing is still guaranteed, this project seems to be moving forward and could be done by 2025 at the earliest.