Video Shows James Corden Doesn't Drive During Carpool Karaoke

Someones got some explaining to do

January 23, 2020
James Corden

Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Some of us have questioned whether the host of ‘The Late Late Show’, James Corden actually drives during Carpool Karaoke. Now we might finally know how it’s filmed. 

Recently Corden was spotted filming his latest episode with Justin Bieber. While at a stoplight a bystander took notice and saw that the car the two celebrities were riding in, was being pulled by a truck and that Corden wasn’t really driving at all 

They took video and posted it on Twitter. Soon fans started joking that everything we’ve seen has been a lie. One Twitter user pointed out that it should be called "car-pull karaoke" instead. 

In the past, celebrities and other bystanders who’ve encountered Corden filming Carpool Karaoke have all said he was driving. Maybe he decided that it was safer for everyone if he didn’t drive at all. 

Via: Yahoo News