Kansas Hospital Goes Viral Ahead Of Super Bowl For Dressing Babies Up As Kansas City Chiefs Players

The Babies’ Outfits Included Wigs, Jerseys, Wristbands And Pompoms

February 2, 2020


The Super Bowl is finally here, and while football fans across the country will be watching, fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs can’t contain their excitement. That’s especially true is Kansas City where the team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 50 years. It seems everyone is getting into the spirit as a hospital in Kansas has gone viral after dressing up babies as Chiefs players ahead of the big game.

It seems any big event, hospitals head to the newborns with themed outfits in the hopes of going viral. However, this one is definitely worth it, as the babies’ outfits feature tiny wigs and team gear, including jerseys, wristbands, and pompoms. “In celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl and an impending visit from KC Wolf and Chiefs ambassador Shawn Barber, (with permission from their parents) our NICU babies were dressed as The Kansas City Chiefs players,” said the University of Kansas hospital in their post.

The babies, who were from the NICU ward, are now internet celebrities as the post has over 4,500 likes and 5,500 shares. Many online say they are now rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl due to this post. Hopefully for their fans, these babies bring the team some luck on Sunday.

Via Fox News